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Hello and Welcome:

I am Zoey Gastis and I have been providing in-home dog training and coaching since 2001.

I believe that positive, motivational methods are the best way to train your dog; creating a special bond, mutual respect and trust between you and your furry friend.

You will see how happily your dog responds to these gentle and highly effective techniques and how much fun you will have together. We will use whatever your dog likes to reinforce good behaviours such as food, play, toys and praise.

My clients have commented that they love my relaxed and professional approach to training their pets. I am devoted to ensuring that both my human and canine clients receive the very best instruction.

Thank you for visiting. I look forward to speaking with you about your dog's training needs.

Kahlua looks on while Jayda gives a high-five.
(Photo by Wild Eyed Photography)

Client Praise

"From the moment we met Zoey we could see she truly has a special ability to train both dog and owner. It is amazing to see the impact Zoey's positive techniques have had on our dog. We began training with Zoey when our 16 month old German Shorthaired Pointer, Ellie, was just a puppy and the results are fantastic. Not only has Zoey taught us to train Ellie to respond to us, but following her training also has created a deep bond and connection with Ellie. The lessons are customized perfectly, and allow us to work at Ellie's speed and practice at home throughout the week with ease. Zoey's exceptional teaching ability and postive approach make training Ellie such an enjoyable activity and a fantastic experience for both owner and dog. Zoey has had such a great impact on Ellie's behaviour and she has enabled us to have a relationship with our dog more rewarding and satisfying than we ever could have imagined! Thanks Zoey!" --- Dustynn Risk, Toronto

"Two weeks prior to getting our adorable Havanese puppy, Max, our family met with Zoey Gastis from Paws 4 Fun to prepare us on how to handle our new bundle of joy. Right from the start, Zoey’s methodology of training was positive reinforcement. Her tone, calm demeanour and style was always professional, friendly and patient. We learned so much from Zoey that first visit that we decided to use her for several more sessions. Each session she taught us new exercises and helped problem solve any issues that we may be having with Max. Every time Zoey would come to our house Max would just immediately comply with whatever she asked him to do. She has this incredible ability to gently talk to dogs and make them want to listen. Max is now seven months old and everyone who visits our home tells us we have one of the happiest and best mannered dogs they’ve met. We owe all of this success to Zoey and we will definitely continue to use her in the future." --- Cindy Hartman, Markham

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