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Benefits of In-Home Dog Training:

Kahlua (Hound mix)

Training your dog in your home allows the training to be personalized according to your dog's actual needs.

Rather than being in a class where my attention is divided among many dogs and their people, one-to-one training is only about you and your dog.

Being at home means that behaviours are being learned and applied in the same place. Training your dog how to greet people at the front door, for example, is more effective when taught and reinforced in the environment where the dog is expected to perform.

Sessions will also be booked to suit your schedule.

Why use positive reinforcement training?

Because it builds:

  • trust
  • motivation
  • a bond between you and your dog
  • confidence
  • cooperation
  • reliability

  • desirable behaviours
  • attentiveness
  • feeling good
  • willingness
  • resilience
  • thinking

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